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The Death Page


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THIS is my tribute to death

death awaits us all there are no exceptions there is no bargening with him he shows no pity no mercy his only job is to make sure you dont wake up to smell the cofee the next day he is every weres never feel safe again the only way to beat him his to beat him at his own game only then you will have the satisfaction to say that you are the one to decide your faith death is meerly there to take you when your scedueld time has come nothin much there is only less.



above you can see some of my unseen friends here they wish to meet you very soon and iventualy they will they come in all shapes and sizes but behind it all theres only one DEATH


....Death is never late.....Your lucky if he even takes his time

You should never look for Death becose once you find it ,it's at that point you wish you hadint  but once he is called apon he wont turn back!!!

..In life you find pain,sadness ,difficultys, anger,fear, death you find peace and for some even happiness...what do you prefer?